CT Modulex represents a new generation of high-end housing 4.0 with low emissions, highly adapted to climate change, saving time and construction costs, saving transportation costs thanks to block-folding technology, when unfolded, fully furnished high-class amenities easy to use immediately. CT Modulex doesn’t use concrete, integrated solar, wind, clean water technology, resistant to all types of earthquakes, storms, floods, hot and cold, many decoration and technology options.

Every CT Modulex unit can generate carbon credits. In addition, CT Modulex has the option of a floating house on water, environmentally friendly, suitable for mangrove problems, suitable for all nature conservation requirement.


CT Modulex places a strong emphasis on environmental and social initiatives. Through our commitment to reducing carbon emissions, we are dedicated to developing our own technology within the modular housing system.

CT Modulex applies green technologies in construction to create sustainable construction materials. CT Modulex’s technology is completely different, produced from completely new materials such as aluminum, heat-insulating cardboard, durable light steel, EPS, recycled materials to reduce emissions, etc. Therefore, every house has can save from 5 to 10 tons of CO2.



1. Build QUICKLY

Backed by rigorous quality testing and expertise in DIY Steel Home Assembly, CT Modulex empowers clients to acquire a premium steel home at a fraction of the usual cost. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality extends to incorporating cutting-edge Israeli technology for global steel home-kit production.

The integration of intelligent software with our factory equipment establishes a fully-automated production process. This innovative approach streamlines production by planning based on approved detailed designs, eliminating redundant steps, saving time, and minimizing material waste, thereby optimizing project costs.

CT Modulex excels in efficiency, reducing installation time by 10% compared to traditional solutions. Our commitment to safety during installation is upheld through swift, accurate, and secure transportation and installation. The lightweight frame system, meticulously calculated and coded for each structural bar, ensures a seamless process. Foundation construction is simplified, fast, and cost-effective, reflecting our dedication to delivering superior solutions for modern living.


Boasting exceptional technical expertise, CT Modulex utilizes state-of-the-art Israel-standard production equipment alongside a highly specialized engineering team and professional application software. Our framing system is meticulously calculated and coded for each structural bar, simplifying the installation process through secure connections with screws, ensuring speed, safety, and precision.

The CT Modulex frame is crafted from a new generation of steel that is not only 100% recyclable but also environmentally friendly and durable. Integrated accessories eliminate the need for surface treatment post-installation, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and hassle-free, long-lasting construction solutions.


100% TERMITE RESISTANCE AND NON-FLAMMABLE FRAMING Premium Steel Frame to be sustainable in all environments: The frame is made of premium steel material which is 100% termite resistant. In addition, non-combustible material that will not burn or contribute to the spread of fire. (non-flammable, non-smoke transmission pursuant to BS476). 100% Recyclable material with 68% industry recycling rate.

These advantages help wipe out weaknesses of traditional framing when the welds at connection joints need to be surface-treated with chemicals to be clean and flat, which make it vulnerable to rust from the surrounding environment and subject to high maintenance costs.


With CT MODULEX TECH’s advanced AI software, we are able to use custom-made approved architectural and structural blueprint to create detail 3D model soft drawing and manufacturing.

Utilizing robotics assembly to manufacture assembly kit, including exterior, partition wall, formwork, and accessories for the building. The framing system is calculated and coded in detail for each structural bar, then simply connected with screws, making the installation faster, safe and more accurate.


The most cost-effective structural material. Construction of the foundation is simple, fast and at low-cost.

Instant Equity – Valued at up to 3x your investment by lowering risks, 90% faster than traditional methods, and minimizing the quantity of waste


Situated in Song Than, Binh Duong, one of the largest industrial parks in Vietnam, CT MODULEX is strategically positioned with its factory at the heart of key transportation hubs. The location, within 12 km of Saigon Port, Tan Cang Port, and Vung Tau Port, ensures efficient connectivity. Moreover, the proximity to Song Than Railway Station, adjacent to the Southeast Railway routes on the eastern side, and a mere 15 km from Tan Son Nhat Airport, enhances accessibility.

Encompassing an area of 2.9 hectares, CT MODULEX’s factory is equipped with substantial production capacity, specializing in the manufacture of smart modular houses destined for global distribution. The strategic location and advanced facilities underscore our commitment to seamless production and efficient worldwide supply.