1. The modulex house is easy and quick to assemble and disassemble, is a suitable choice for short-term events such as commercials, fairs, exhibitions, outdoor markets and outlet malls.

2. An emergency shelters for people before natural disasters such as storms, floods,...

3. Application to build military bases at any location.

4. Balanced urban area with low emissions. Very short construction time, completed in just a few months, saving thousands tons of concrete.

5. Climate change causes a significant number of houses to be submerged in water. It is recommended to build floating houses that are not affected by floods.

6. Establishing a reserve fund for disaster relief, emergency shelters, hospitals, and other essential facilities.

7. Constructing non-concrete resorts in biosphere reserves, conserving nature, and minimizing land usage.

8. Sustainable development in accordance with urban planning and resettlement.

9. Efficiently exploiting resources and land in unexplored mangrove areas. Developing new tourism models combined with floating markets, suitable for mangrove regions. Creating employment opportunities for locals and promoting socio-economic effectiveness.